Monday, 23 April 2012

I love Black-Footed Ferrets

I saw them on the news and I went nuts! They are soo cute. I heard that ferrets smell bad, so I don't think I'd ever own one. But I will draw one - and have it hang out with me (puns always intended). I know, my rough draft is cuter than the final, which looks like there are drops of blood, but I'm operating under the strategy of not spending long on work and not looking back when it is done. Yes, that is quantity over quality. I should get a red candle for my wall candle holder.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Sunshine's Spring Window

Seasonal windows rule, especially if that season is Spring. I was enthusiastic to try my hand at another window display. I was extremely satisfied to have designed this one on the spot, and then have painted it in one evening. I love these colours. I wish that in the pictures the arbitrary purple dots would be more visible. They are my favourite part. 
Since my first window-painting excursion, I have been paying very close attention to retail displays in general. Writing words backwards with a brush too big is difficult and some silly improv had to happen. Hopefully, I get to do a Summer Window, because one, I am enjoying this, two, I already have ideas (especially in terms of a colour theme), and three, I'll research techniques for writing words backward with a brush too big.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Feature in Off The Map Zine

I was featured for Illustration in Off the Map Zine's Spring 2012 issue. See it here! I supplied 4 original illustrations for the article, two of which are seen below. The photo shoot was fun. The photographer, Sian, told very good jokes. I'm pretty honest in my article about the frustrations of finding your calling. I would have liked to be more cheerful and peachy about the whole thing, to match the illustrations if anything. The juxtaposition is interesting though. I look forward to a future interview when I have more things figured out.