Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Matryoshka Friends

I wanted to give Alex some Matryoshka dolls for his going-away present. A perfect gift for a Russian, no? I hunted for some blank Russian nesting dolls for a while, but after not finding any, I bought a set that were a Penguin Family. I painted right over 'em. Goodbye Penguin Family, hello Alex and Friends. Alex is the big one and he is wearing a fur hat, incase you were wondering what that was. Monika is the second tallest, and she is holding a pug, incase you were wondering what that was. The middle one is Scott, holding a beer. The second smallest is me, holding a bunny. The smallest is Alex's dear favourite kitchen-residing mouse. Making it look like a mouse and accommodating the ears was a fail. Also, I gave it a rat tail, though it is a mouse. 
The reception I got from friends who saw these guys, before I sent them to Alex, was out of this world. I wish that all my work could make people that stoked. Alex himself was especially stoked.

Detail of Scott's luscious locks.

Detail of the back of my head.

Detail of inaccurate rendering of mouse ears and tail.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Portfolio Website

I designed and built my professional portfolio website! I'm already planning the 2.0 version. I realized that vertical, left-aligned navigation is the way to go. But for now, fixed, centered, horizontal navigation it is. This is the second fully functioning website I've ever made! Finding a web host I liked was an absolute nightmare. My 2.0 version portfolio promises to have less confusing categories. I'll make it when I've completed more projects. For now, I think it is pretty sweet.